February 5, 2017
My family and I went to the Nith River campground this weekend and LOVED it!!
We had a pop up tent trailer, loved that the bathrooms were not far from us (they were clean), loved the catch and release pond, the pool is huge and a great place to cool off, we participated in only Bingo this weekend but there was definitely a few things going on we just didn't have enough time.
My kids loved the tractor ride around the park, and the park is great for all ages of children.
The grounds are kept neat and tidy, and shows that it is well taken care of.
I had a great conversation with the owner Doug, and he is great. I think if you respect his rules on his property then you will not have any problems. Very nice and friendly gentlemen. He also has a sidekick unfortunately I don't remember his name but I believe he is a seasonal camper as he drives the tractor for the kids and watches out for the kids as well enforces safety! it's great to see, especially when it comes to kids.
My only complaint is our site (129) was a bit difficult to get into, as it had been washed away by rain earlier in the season (I would guess as it was an insane amount) so we had to get close to the other site. But we made it work!!
All of the weekend was great!!