Why can I not bring firewood into the park?

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency prohibits the transportation of firewood within restricted areas of the Province of Ontario in an effort to control the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer, the Asian long-horned beetle and the Brown Spruce Longhorn.  We are located  within the control area. For further information you can go to www.inspection.gc.ca/pests. We have 35 acres of trees and are surrounded by many more acres of trees.

What activities do you have for children?

Our volunteer social committee organizes all activities in the park for the benefit of our campers, both young and old. Some activities for the children includes crafts, fishing derby, decorated bicycle competition on Canada Day, Christmas in July, Halloween in August and much more.

Do you have a store on site?

Major shopping is less than a 5 minute drive, in New Hamburg. We do have a candy and ice cream store on site. Please check for hours.

How deep is the swimming pool?

The pool is 4 ft 6 inches deep at the deepest point. Because it is shaped like a bowl and the water gradually gets deeper as you walk in, even toddlers can get wet near the edge, where the water is the shallowest.

Is the park open to the public for day use?

Unfortunately we are not open to the public.